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Part A:  General Human Resources

1. Complete the following table by summarising the legal requirements of the human resources strategy and processes for the listed pieces of legislation.


Impact on the organisation's Human Resources policies and procedures

Racial Discrimination Act 1975


Sexual Discrimination Act 1984


Disability Discrimination Act 1992


Affirmative Action (Equal Employment Opportunity for Women) Act 1986


Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986


Privacy Act 1988


2. As the Human Resources Manager you have been asked to determine the top human resources priorities as experienced by Line Managers.

2.1. To determine the top human resources priorities for the organisation, write a communication to be sent to all Line Managers to identify the top human resources needs in their areas. Develop and use a feedback form to capture their key areas of concern and ask that they complete and submit this form, along with any other feedback for consideration in an upcoming review of the function. This communication should provide Line Managers with the context of this request along with a deadline for completion. (Approximately 200 words for the communication and approximately 300-400 words for the feedback form).

2.2. Of the Line Managers who responded to the above communication (question 2.1), 75% of them identified that a lack of adequate resources was their top human resources issue. A review of the current employment levels in the organisation indicates that the organisation is operating at 90% capacity which is having a significant impact on productivity. Based on this feedback and background, develop a reply communication to advise Line Managers of the next steps that will be taken to rectify this situation.

3. After consulting with several Line Managers across the organisation, you have identified that there are a large number of employees who do not have the appropriate training in customer service to excel in their job. In order to source a company who can provide large scale (200+ employees) tailored training on-site, the Learning and Development Manager, Marie, has spoken to three different training organisations and asked them to submit a tender including a course overview, availability and costs to conduct this training.

One of the organisations Marie contacted is owned by Claire, the sister of Joe, a Line Manager in your organisation. In order to give Claire an edge, Joe has asked the Human Resources Assistant, Betty to let them know the name of the other organisations approached to submit a tender along with a copy of what they have submitted to win this work.

Joe and Marie have taken Betty to lunch for helping them with Marie's tender application.

As the Human Resources Manager, address the following tasks.

3.1. Considering all the parties involved (external service provider, line manager and human resources representatives), what aspects of the above scenario are unethical?

3.2. How should you deal with each of the parties in relation to the issues raised in question 3.1? Prioritise your approach to this issue and factor in any timing considerations.

3.3. Unfortunately this kind of behaviour is not uncommon across the organisation. What training could be offered to employees to make employees aware of their ethical obligations?

3.4. Write a communication to be sent to Marie requesting that she source the training determined in question 3.3.

Ensure the following elements are addressed in your communication:

  • Background on the reason for the training.
  • The core skills/ topics that you would like addressed.
  • The training target audience.
  • Measures to be used to assess success of training.

Part B: Code of Conduct

1. Develop a Code of Conduct to set standards of behaviour to be followed by all employees. The Code of Conduct must be consistently ethical, lawful and reflect the values of the organisation.

2. Develop a process to evaluate overall satisfaction of delivery of the Code of Conduct. Incorporate employee surveys, ongoing employee feedback, analysis and evaluation of feedback, recommendation development and approval steps.

3. Create a customer satisfaction survey to be used to assess the effectiveness of the Code of Conduct.

4. A recent customer satisfaction survey addressing elements of the organisations Code of Conduct highlighted that employees do not feel that management behaviour is reflective of the standards set out in it. This result has been linked to instances of favouritism in recruitment, a lack of respect privacy and confidentiality in performance management proceedings and the theft of office resources.

Based on the issues indicated, develop a short recommendation to improve customer satisfaction in the Code of Conduct. This recommendation should include a short process to ensure that all employees comply with the Code of Conduct.

5. Develop a change process for use when implementing the change outlined above (part B, question 4). This should be presented as a communication to senior managers outlining the proposed change, identifying any training required to implement this change and requesting approval to implement.

6. Complete the following table of Human Resources policies and procedures by identifying one example of how the Code of Conduct should be incorporated for each function.

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Reference no: EM13655623

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