Determine the minimum amount of heat that must be extracted

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Consider the air conditioning of a house through use of solar energy. At a particular location experiment has shown that solar radiation allows a large tank of pressurized water to be maintained at 448.15 K (175°C). During a particular time interval, heat in the amount of 1500 W must be extracted from the house to maintain its temperature at 297.15 K (24°C) when the surroundings temperature is 306.15 K (33°C). Treating the tank of water, the house, and the surroundings as heat reservoirs, determine the minimum amount of heat that must be extracted from the tank of water by any device built to accomplish the required cooling of the house. No other sources of energy are available.

Reference no: EM131172219

Determine the operating point and pump efficiency

Plot the system curve on the pump characteristic given in Figure and determine the operating point and pump efficiency. Properties of the fluid: density 900 kg/m3, viscosity

General characterisations of properties of conservativity

Give general characterisations of the properties of conservativity, sub and super conservativity. The equivalent conditions should have chemical meanings, properties that ar

What is the corresponding rate of change of the plates

Plot the heat transfer coefficient associated with free convection, forced convection, and mixed convection for air velocities ranging from 2 ≤ u∞ ≤ 10 m/s. The velocity of

Determine the values of vmax

Determine the values of Vmax, KM, and KI. v, M/min x 106 S, M No inhibitor 10-5 M inhibitor 3.3 x 10-4 56 37 5.0 x 10-4 71 47 6.7 x 10-4 88 61 1.65 x 10-3 129 103 2.21 x 10-

What is the composition of the two phases and the pressure

The laboratory division of your company has sent you the following data for the system n-pentane (1) propionaldehyde (2) at 35 °C: The activity coefficients of the two compo

Write balanced chemical equations for both these steps

This solution is then reacted with an acidic solution containing periodate ion; the products are the permanganate and iodate ions. Write balanced chemical equations for both

Calculate the current rating of the fuse

Design the width of the fusing section so that it will break at currents above I = 20 A This design is typical of automotive fuses (although pure copper is almost never used

Calculate the amount of heat removed from the steam

Steam flows in a long, noninsulated pipe under a constant pressure of 2 bar. At the inlet of the pipe the temperature is 300 °C. Due to losses to the surroundings, the tempe


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