Determine the maximum possible value for the first player

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Consider the following game. There is a sequence c1 of coins, where each coin ci has value ci.

Then two players take turns picking a coin from the sequence, but can only pick the first or the last coin of the (remaining) sequence. The goal is to collect coins of the largest total value. For this problem, n is even.

Give an efficient algorithm to determine the maximum possible value for the first player (assuming player two plays optimally), and analyze the running time. Solved by dynamic programming

Reference no: EM13308474

Risk assessment methodology

Propose a risk assessment methodology which can be used along with the company you chose for Case Study Phase 1. During Case Study Phase one, I chose the New York Presbyter

Write the class definition for a dog

Write the class definition for a Dog. Private data fields include name, breed, and age, and a constant static field for the license fee, which is $12.25. Create public membe

Job hunting plan of action

Use this plan of action as a living document to keep track of your job hunting efforts. The more honest you are in this document, the better you can prioritize your efforts.

Secure encrypted communications

Transmitting personal and business data and information over secure communication channels is critical. In some cases it is required, especially when personally identifiable

Maintaining the integrity of the linked list

We do not have pointers to any other nodes (except by following links). Describe an O(1) algorithm that logically removes the value stored in such a node from the linked lis

What interview techniques do companies employ

Watch the "Interview" video found on the student media website. What interview techniques do companies employ? From your experience, have you been in an interview when these

Find the sum of the first n natural numbers

Write a program to sum a series of numbers entered by the user. The program should first prompt the user for how many numbers are to be summed. It should then input each of

Design logic circuit that will detect whenever level in tank

Four tanks at a chemical plant contain different liquids being heated. Liquid -level sensors are being used to detect whenever the level in tank A or tank B rises above a pr


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