Determine the maximum allowable compressive force

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Rubber disks are used to provide cushioning for equipment subjected to vibrations. The vibration analysis indicates that the rubber disk should provide an effective spring constant of 600 lb/in. Spacing considerations dictate that the disk should be 0.5 intall. Take the rubber to have a Modulus of Elasticity of 400 psi. (a) Determine the desired diameter of the disk. (b) If the rubber strain is not to exceed 0.2 in/in, determine the maximum allowable compressive force. Recall that the spring constant, k=Fx,or in terms of an axially loaded member

Reference no: EM13303163

Find the maximum bending stresses developed in beam

The 200-kg block D is dropped from a height h = 1 m onto end C of the A992 steel W200 × 36 overhang beam. If the spring at B has a stiffness k = 200 Kn/m, determine the maxi

The total dissolved inorganic carbon of a sample of ground

The total dissolved inorganic carbon (TIC) of a sample of groundwater is 8.33 mM. The temperature of the aquifer is 15C, the pH is 7.5, and the ionic strength is 0.05 M. What

Calculate the vertical distance

A 600 ft vertical crest curve crosses a 4 ft diameter pipe at rightangles at station 110+85. The PVI of the vertical curve is station110+00 and elevation 1098.4 ft with an inc

What is the normality of a sodium hydroxide solution

What is the normality of a sodium hydroxide solution that contains 250 mg/L NaOH in 2.3 L solution? What is the concentration in mole/L and mg/L as CaCO3. Na = 23, OH = 17

Determine rate of change of temperature observed by cyclist

A bicyclist leaves from her home at 9am and rides to a beach 40 miles away. Because of a breeze off the ocean, the temperature at the beach remains 60 degrees F throughout t

What is the maximum shear stress in the magnesium

A hollow magnesium shaft is rigidly bonded to a solid steel shaft and rigidly mounted between two supports. A torque of 500 NA·m is applied at the junction between the two s

What is molar concentration of chemical that will dissolve

A 1,000 L water tank contains 1,200 moles of an experimental chemical that is a weak acid with pka of 7.2. The PH of the tank is 9.0. what is molar concentration of the chem

What is tanget distance

A 6 degree 30 minute who curve, whose degree is determine by a 100-ft chord , connect two tangent  that intersect at  an angle of 37 degree 18 minute calculate what is tanget


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