Determine the average number of cakes waiting for a wrapper

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Cakes baked by The Charm City Bakery are transported from the ovens to be packaged by one of five wrappers. Each wrapper can wrap an average of 35 cakes per hour. The cakes are brought to the wrappers at the rate of 160 per hour. Assuming it is a multiple-server waiting line model; determine the average number of cakes waiting for a wrapper and the average time a cake must wait for the wrapper. What is the probability that there will be more than 5 cakes in the system?

Reference no: EM13964323

Assume interarrival and service times are exponential

A fast food restaurant has one drive-in window. An average of 40 customers per hour arrive at the window. It takes an average of three minutes to serve a customer. Assume inte

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Select one external force (political/government, legal, professional/industry, economic (global, national, and regional), sociocultural, demographic, technology) that could af

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Drive-through window operations are becoming an increasing source of competitive advantage for the fast-food restaurant business. McBerger’s has performed poorly in this area

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Find lowest cost way to achieve the engineering design goals

Your job is to make sure that a washing machine lasts more than 10 years, the warranty period, with probability 0.99. As it is, the mean lifetime is 10 years with standard dev

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Weekly demand for electric motors at a Japanese motor manufacturer is normally distributed, with a mean of 1,000 and a standard deviation of 1,000. Motors are currently assemb

Partnership-corporation and limited liability company

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing business as a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation and Limited Liability Company, along with the consideration of bi


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