Determine one-s complement of sum of eight-bit bytes

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UDP and TCP use 1s complement for their checksums. Suppose you have the following three 8-bit bytes: 01010101, 01110000, 01001100. What is the 1s complement of the sum of these 8-bit bytes? (Note that although UDP and TCP use 16-bit words in computing the checksum, for this problem you are being asked to consider 8-bit sums.) Show all work. Why is it that UDP takes the 1s complement of the sum; that is.

Why not just use the sum? With the 1s complement schema, how does the receiver detect errors? Is it possible that a 1-bit error will go undetected? How about 2-bit error?

Explain the answer and SHOW ALL ADDITION OF THE THREE BINARY 8 BIT BYTES (along with the carry over of ones in the addition of the problem, and why the sum is what it is as well as the in depth explanations of the questions that are listed, so that it can be re-written for submission. I have working knowledge of all this, just not the time to complete it.

Reference no: EM1371555

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