Determine is there a chance that cavitation will occur

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Water flows through a pipeline at a velocity of 8 m/s at a pressure of 50 kPa (abs). Temperature is 20°C. A constriction in the pipeline causes velocity to increase to 13 m/s within the constriction. Assuming that Bernoulli's equation applies (i.e. p + ½ ? v2 = constant), is there a chance that cavitation will occur?

Reference no: EM13302490

Determine the rate of entropy production within the turbine

Assuming the kinetic and potential energy effects to be negligible, determine D) the isentropic turbine efficiency E) the entropy at the exit of the turbine, in kJ/kg K F) t

Estimate the demensions of the biofilter needed to treat

Use this information to estimate the demensions of the biofilter needed to treat 10,000 m^3/hr of air (at 30 C and 1 atm) containing 200 ppm styrene being emitted from a boa

Determine the diameter and the depth of the tank

A drinking water treatment plant will be designed to process a flow of 15,000 m3/d. The sedimentation tank will have a residence (detention) time of 4 hours and the overflow

Determine what is the rotational velocity at the instant

A fan blade, initially at rest, rotates with a constant rotational acceleration of 0.9rad/s^2. What is its rotational velocity at the instant it goes through an rotational d

Design the typical elements of the roof and floor framing

The structure consists of a wood frame with plywood roof deck, wall sheathing and floor deck. general form of the building construction is to be determined by the designer.

What is the minimum radius that can be cleared

A two lane hwy with 12' lanes is to be reconstructed to a design speed of 50 mph. Due to right of way restrictions, the largest distance that can be cleared from the edge of t

Design the traffic pole against torsion knowing that angle

The maximum wind pressure on the traffic sign is 200 kg/m2. The maximum allowable shear stress is 350 kg/cm2. Design the traffic pole (only vertical element) against torsion

What is the outlet concentration after the treatment

A completely mixed retention basin is used to treat an industrial waste water consisting of a non-conservative pollutant, using a reaction that destroys the pollutant accord


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