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Question:The objective ofthis exercise is to implement a multithreaded solution to find if a givennumber is a perfect number.Nis a perfect number if the sum of all its factors, excluding itself, isN;examples are 6 and 28. The input is an integer,N.The output istrue if the number is a perfect number and false otherwise.The main program will read the numbersNandPfrom the command line.The main process will spawn a set ofPthreads. The numbers from 1 toNwill be partitioned among these threads so that twothreads do not work on the name number.For each number in this set, the thread will determine if the number is a factor ofN.Ifitis, it adds the number to a shared buffer that stores factors ofN.The parent process waits till all the threads complete. Use the appropriate synchronization primitive here. Theparent will then determine if the input number is perfect, that is, ifNis a sum of all its factors and then report accordingly.(Note:You can makethe computation faster by restricting the numbers searched from 1 to the square root ofN).

Question:Implement a program to count the frequencyofwords in a text file. Thetext file is partitioned intoNsegments. Each segment is processed by a separate thread that outputs the intermediate frequencycount for its segment. The main process waits until all the threads complete; then it computes the consolidated word-frequencydata based on the individual threads' output.

Reference no: EM13996601

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