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Write a JavaScript program that will read a message string and a number from text boxes on a Web page. The program will then use those values to display some information to the user.

Use the JavaScript DHTML Playground to write JavaScript code that performs the following tasks:

- Read a message string from a text box ("Input 1").
- Read a number from a second text box ("Input 2").
- Display, in the page footer, the message string from "Input 1". Repeat the string the number of times your program read from "Input 2". Note: Convert the value from "Input 2" into an integer by using the parseInt() function.

Test the JavaScript code by clicking on the Run button. Submit a Microsoft Word document that contains your JavaScript code. Include a screenshot of the output.

Note: The JavaScript DHTML Playground is at

My instructor commented on what I did by saying this:

"You are to write JavaScript code to extract information from the form fields 'input1', 'input2', and 'footer'. You do this by looking at the HTML code (the form part). Here is an example of how to do this:

var value1 = document.getElementById("input1");
var value2 = document.getElementById("input2");
var footer = document.getElementById("footer");

You then use the value function to get the value of the field so that you can manipulate it. Next, you will need a for loop to display whatever was stored and accumulate value1 content i.e., inputstring 'count' number of times. For this you need a collector variable i.e., a variable for storing value1 content. This collector variable must be initialized to ' ' i.e.,, empty. You then assign the value of value1 'count' number of times in a for loop.

The last step is to display the result to the footer. The command to do that is as follows:

footer.innerHTML = your_collector_variable;

You should then test your code at and see what happens. The value entered in textfield input1 should be displayed 'input2' number of times."

Reference no: EM1332368

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