Design program that accept number below one hundred as input

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Problem 1:

Design a program that asks a user the following: do they want to add a dollar amount to their total, do they want to subtract from t heir total, do they want to check out and receive their total, or do they want to quite. This program will need to accept dollar amounts (I.e. 3.50) and keep track of the running total until the user decides they want to check out(receive their total and then quit) or if they want to quit.

Problem 2:

Design a program that accepts a number below 100 as input. Once your program has received this number as input, your program should pass this number between a group of 5 friends. This means that if you start your program with the number of 10, the first friend should receive the number 1, friend two should receive the number 2 and so on. If the number is divisible by 3, you should skip the next friend. If the number is divisible by 6, you should give it back to the previous friend and then skip the next two friends. If the number is divisible by 7, the friend should announce their number. Once you get to the final number, you should have the friend announce their friend number and then say you have reached the end.

Reference no: EM131132400

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