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Q1) The user should have the option to draw the new shape at different location and keep the existing shape, or erase the exiting one before drawing the new shape. Create all the getter and setter & constructor methods for each class. Also make sure to do the cleanup at the end, when you are done to make sure all the objects are being deleted using the finally method.

Reference no: EM1350193

Write program to read file having student'' test scores

Write a C++ program that reads a file named "grades.txt" consisting of students' test scores in the range 0-200 (all integer values). (The first number in the file specif

Create a program that generates a random password

Create a program that generates a random password ***** user-defined length. For the purposes of this problem, we will assume that any character that corresponds to ASCII (d

Define function that takes year as it-s input argument

Define and call a function fast_food_billions that takes the year as it's input argument and returns the prediction as it's result. Tell the user that entry of a year bef

Perform internal correctness checking of data

Perform internal correctness checking of data and those which do not, Provide diverse and comprehensive suites of built-in functionality and those with a more limited set of f

How often a player would win if they rolled the dice

Write a program that simulates how often a player would win if they rolled the dice 100 times.The program will output a message such as "The player rolled 14 sevens and 5 elev

Software system to manage records of patients

A software system is to be developed to manage the records of patients who enter a clinic for treatment. The records include records of the all regular patient monitoring.

Write a program that must be able to estimate profits

The Barking Lot is a dog boarding facility. It provides boarding for any number of days and additional services such as grooming and walking. The Barking Lot currently has t

Use input dialogs to get data from user

Print the combined miles per gallon obtained for all tankfuls up to this point. All average calculations must produce floating-point results. Use input dialogs to get the da


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