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Design and implement Modified DES cipher as mentioned below and observe the Avalanche effect. The number of rounds allowed from one to five only. Observe the Avalanche effect by c hanging the bits of the plain text. That is Once the first round is completed, change 1 bit of the plain text and observe the change in cipher text bits. Continue the analysis by changing half of the bits in the plain text. Module: Decryption Phase Task 1: Generate an input sequence 64-bit input number for decryption Task 2: Implementing IP-1 Inverse Initial Permutation function on 64-bit number Task 3: Implementing Expansion function on 32 bit number to get 48-bit number Task 4: Implementing XOR on 48 bit with Round 1 key Task 5: Implementing S- Box function on 48 bit number to get 32 - bit number Task 6: Implementing Permutation function on 32- bit Task 7: Generate the output from Decryption phase

Reference no: EM13935866

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