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You are to design and build a zoo organizer. The zoo organizer should keep track of a set of animals. The zoo organizer should be able to keep track of different sets of animals. The organizer only needs one set of animals open at a time. It should have the capabilities to save the current set of animals to a file and also open a set from a file.

There are 3 types of animals in the zoo. There are mammals, reptiles and birds. All animals have a name, a birthdate, an age and a species. The following chart shows the species that the organizer needs to track. It only needs to track these species.

Type                     Species

Mamma                Goat




Reptile                  Turtle



Bird                       Eagle


Every animal also has  life expectancy, which is how many years we think that animal should live. The following rules show how to determine the life expectancy.

1.All of the mammal's life expectancy is 15 - age. So, if a mammal is 5 (15-5 = 10), the life expectancy is 10 years.

2.Iguana's life expectancy is (1 / age) * 10. So if an iguana is 5 (1/5 * 10) = 2, the life expectancy is 2 years.

3.Turtles seem to live very long. Their life expectancy is 110 - age. So if a Turtle is 5, (110 - 5 - 105), the life expectancy is 105 years.

4.We don't know much about the life expectancy of birds. Always show their life expectancy as 5 years.

When a user creates a new set of animals, they need to be able to add an animal to the set. They should also be able to update and delete animals in the set. The organizer should only show one set of animals at a time.     

Reference no: EM13834196

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