Design an appropriate interface to enable the state

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An industrial plant uses several sensors to monitor temperature, pressure, and other factors. Each sensor includes a switch that moves to the ON position when the corresponding parameter exceeds a preset limit. Eight such sensors need to be connected to the bus of a 16-bit computer. Design an appropriate interface to enable the state of all eight switches to be read simultaneously as a single byte. Assume the bus is synchronous and that it uses the timing sequence of Figure 7.4.


Reference no: EM131210005

Types of analysis that star schema

1. The star schema shown in the scenario above describes part of the database that will provide decision-support for a property sales company. Describe the main characterist

Would this be a good business decision

If a company has 10000 computers, each with a MTTF of 35 days,and it experiences catastrophic failure only if 1/3 of the computers fail, what is the MTTF for the system? If

Calculate present value of future earnings

Why do we need to calculate the present value of future earnings? A company can invest $100,000 to develop a new system, or it can put that amount into a second best altern

Determine the effects of path compression

Write a program to determine the effects of path compression and the various unioning strategies. Your program should process a long sequence of equivalence operations using

Enable the recording of reference material

Create a database to enable the recording of reference material associated with each product. Reference material will be stored in a digital format (video, html, PDF etc) a

Computer manufacturer for technical support

When you call your computer manufacturer for technical support, you're aren't surprised by the lilting accents of the technicians because many call centers operate in other

Begin with a workstation running

A suggested approach is to begin with a workstation running a web browser and trace a connection to a public web server (i.e. facebook; eBay; etc). As part of your narrative

Opportunities and advancements in technology

Nanotechnology, biometrics, and RFIDs all offer exciting opportunities and advancements in technology. In this assignment, you will investigate each to determine the ways th


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