Design an algorithm for solving the towers of hanoi problem

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Design an algorithm for solving the Towers of Hanoi problem that does not employ recursion ([This algorithm does not in itself have practical application other than perhaps measuring the life of the universe. It does, however, provide us with an important illustration of how recursion can be used to make a seemingly otherwise difficult problem easy to solve. (It so happens that there is also a simple iterative solution - see P. Buneman and L. Levy, "The Towers of Hanoi Problem", Inf. Proc. Letts. 10, 243 (1980))][Notice that every alternate move consists of a transfer of the smallest disk from one pole to another. If we imagine the three poles to be in a circle, and that they are numbered, smallest to largest as 1, 2, 3, ..., n then all those disks with odd numbers rotate in one direction and all even-numbered disks rotate in the other direction. This observation can form the basis on an iterative solution.]).

Reference no: EM131335065

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