Design a system of three lans with four bridges

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Submit the answers to the assignment below in a 3- to 4-page Word document.

Exercises 1 and 2 were extracted from Forouzan (2007, p. 465).

  1. What is the hexadecimal (hex) to binary equivalent of the following Ethernet address? What is the equivalent of hex to decimal? Use the converter for the calculations.
    0101101000010001   0101010100011000    1010101000001111  
  2. Design a system of three LANs with four bridges. The bridges (B1 to B4) connect the LANs as shown below. Show diagram in Word and use any diagramming tool to demonstrate the design (Forouzan 2007, p.465).
    1. B1 connects LAN 1 and LAN 2.
    2. B2 connects LAN 1 and LAN 3.
    3. B3 connects LAN 2 and LAN 3.
    4. B4 connects LAN 1, LAN 2, and LAN 3.
  3. Can we replace the bridge with a router? Explain the consequences.
  4. Which one has more overhead, a bridge or a router? Explain your answer.
  5. Which one has more overhead, a repeater or a bridge? Explain your answer.
  6. Which one has more overhead, a router or a gateway? Explain your answer.

Reference no: EM131102550

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