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The solids from a dilute slurry are to be separated using hydro cyclones. The density of the solids is 2900 kg/m3, and the liquid is water. A recovery of 95% of particles greater than 100 μm is required. The minimum operating temperature will be 10 °C and the maximum 30 °C. Design a hydro cyclone system to handle 1200 liters/min of this slurry.

Reference no: EM13883946

Elementary second order adiabatic reaction

An elementary second order adiabatic reaction A+ B CD ? + is taking place in a CSTR. The feed to the reactor is equimolar A and B at concentrations of 2.4 mol/liter. The ent

What would be the minimum value of c along the first line

Using the method outlined for steepest descent in Eqs. (961 to (98) and presented in Fig. 11-12, what would be the minimum value of C along the first line of steepest descen

Calculate the steam consumption and the economy

The specific heat of the feed solution is 3.77 J/g_OC, and the latent heat of vaporization of the solution may be taken equal to that of water. Radiation losses may be negle

How much money should be deposited in the fund

Neglecting any charges connected with administration of the fund, how much money should be deposited in the fund at the beginning of the program in order to have enough mone

Concentration of solutes in the kidney medulla

Consider the case of a rare mutant in which the concentration of solutes in the kidney medulla interstitial spaces is equal to the concentration of solutes in the liquid in

How many gram-moles of no2 are in the vessel at 473 k

The equilibrium constant should vary with temperature according to the relation Kp = ae-b/T use the results of part (b) to determine the values of a and b by a graphical cur

Determine the flow rate of the refrigerant and coefficient

The process shown in Figure 6-19 is part of a chiller unit that uses water as the refrigerant. The following data are available: stream 1 is a vapor-liquid mixture at 0.5 ba

Metric tons per year of cyclohexane

The catalyst is in the form of 1/16th inch (1.588 mm) beads with average bulk density of 700 kg/m3 . Design, size, and cost a reactor for making 200,000 metric tons per year


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