Description of potential generalizability of study results
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Article: Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Cause-Specific Mortality in Black and White Adults in the Southern Community Cohort Study

by -Charles E. Matthews*, Sarah S. Cohen, Jay H. Fowke, Xijing Han, Qian Xiao, Maciej S. Buchowski, Margaret K. Hargreaves, Lisa B. Signorello, and William J. Blot

Final Paper

This Final Paper involves the critical review and analysis of a published epidemiological research study, using the epidemiological concepts covered in Modules 1-6. You do not choose your own study; your Instructor will provide the research study to review and analyze. The audience for this 5-8 page scholarly paper is other epidemiological researchers.
The Final Paper must include, but is not limited to, the following:

Part I. Study Summary (2-3 pages)
(Note: this summary must be in your own words)

• The study objective/research question

• Primary exposure(s) and outcome(s) of interest

• Identification of study design

• Description of study population and the sampling/selection process

• Description of the statistical analysis used and the primary measures of association reported

• Identification of potential confounders (if any) and the technique used to minimize them or analyze their effects

• Identification of potential effect modifiers (if any) and the technique used to analyze their effects

• Summary of major study results

Part II. Critical Analysis (3-5 pages)

• Discussion of random error and how it might have affected the results

• Explanation of possible selection bias and how it might have affected the results, including a discussion of the size and direction of any possible bias

• Explanation of possible misclassification (information) bias and how it might have affected the results, including a discussion of the size and direction of any possible bias

• Evaluation of the other limitations of the study

• Critique of the discussion section of the paper and whether it adequately addresses the strengths and limitations of the study

• Description of the potential generalizability of the study results

• Critique of the authors' conclusions and whether or not they are appropriate given the study findings

• Descriptions of future studies that would be appropriate given the study findings

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