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Statistical Report Description

This document provides you with a description of the data th t you will need to complete Final Project Part II Milestone Two.

Description of the Data:

NAME: Worcester Heart Attack Study WHAS100 Data (whas100.dat) SIZE: 100 Observations, 9 variables


Worcester Heart Attack Study data from Dr. Robert J. Goldberg of the Department of Cardiology at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.


Hosmer, D. W., Lemeshow, S., & May, S. (2008). Applied survival analysis: Regression modeling of time to event data (2nd ed.). New York, NY: John Wiley and Sons Inc.


The main goal of this study is to describe factors associated th trends over time in the incidence and survival rates following hospital admission for acute myocard al infarction (MI). Data have been collected during thirteen 1-year periods beginning in 1975 and extending through 2001 on all MI patients admitted to hospitals in the Worcester, Massachusetts, Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area.

DISCLAIMER: This data is also available at the following Wiley FTP site: ftp//


1                             id                                 ID Code                                     1-100

2                             admitdate                      Admission Date                            mm/dd/yyyy

3                             foldate                          Follow Up Date                            mm/dd/yyyy

4                             los                                Length of Hospit•I Stay              Days

5                             lenfol                            Follow Up Time                          Days

6                             fstat                             Follow Up Status                        1 = Dead,

0 = Alive

7                             age                               Age                                          years

8                             gender                          Gender                                      0 = Male

1 = Female

9                             bmi                              Body Mass Index                        kg/mA2

Reference no: EM131347313

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