Describe the current state of the organization

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Choose a company/organization that you can obtain access to compensation plan information; this may be a company at which you are currently or formerly employed. Alternatively, you may wish to approach a small business and offer to conduct this analysis plan for the business owner/s (your local chamber of commerce may have some recommendations).

Remember there is limited time in this course so make sure that the size and breath of the company is not overwhelming. The background paper will include:

Introduction to the organization, the history and a description of the organization and its products & services.

Include information on all positions in the organization or general structure of positions (Brief)

Pertinent internal & external environmental factors and what their impact is, particularly those related to and impacting the total compensation structure for employees. Describe the current state of the organization.

Type up a short paper of 2 pages in length or more. APA formatting is required with appropriate cover page, in-text citations and reference page in a Word document or saved as a .doc file with your last name as part of the file name.

Reference no: EM131433462

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