Describe the capital market

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1. Describe the capital market.

2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of bonds, preferred stock, and common stock?

3. Explain why firms need to use both debt and equity instruments.

4. What is the efficient market hypothesis and how does it apply to stocks?

Reference no: EM131130037

Discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing products

Discuss the pros and cons of manufacturing products in the cheapest labor market. Is this an ethical practice? Provide information from at least one good source to support you

Describe three rewards of entrepreneurship

Identify and briefly describe three rewards of entrepreneurship. Identify and briefly describe three difficulties or challenges of entrepreneurship. Identify and discuss two e

When evaluating the worthiness of potential suppliers

Discuss the critical factors that you should consider when deciding whether to single source or multiple source. What factors might a buyer or buying team consider when evalua

Waiting line models

What are two possible ways to improve the service rate of a waiting line operation? B. Briefly describe a real life example where this might be applied. Briefly describe a rea

What is the equivalent annual annuity of this deal

An company buys a color printer that will cost $18,000 to buy, and last 5 years. It is assumed that it will require servicing costing $500 each year. What is the equivalent an

What is the reliability of the computer

The guidance system of a ship is controlled by a computer that has three major modules. In order for the computer to function properly, all three modules must function Two of

Observed time-standard time and normal time

A job was timed for 60 cycles and had an average of 1.4 minutes per piece. The performance rating was 90 percent, and workday allowances are 14 percent. Observed time. Standar

Importance of operations and supply chain management

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you describe the importance of operations and supply chain management to a company's strategy, and define the dimensions of quality


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