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Final Portfolio Project

Business process management is the technique used by organizations to comprehend and describe the activities that help them function. Good process management can help make organizations more efficient and productive.

For the Portfolio Project in this course, you will discuss how business process design works. To provide examples of the concepts you will explain, use the company you work for or, if you are not currently employed, any company you choose to research.

The paper should follow APA style and formatting.


Create an original essay of 3- to 5- pages, entitled "Business Process Management for XYZ Company." (Replace XYZ Company with the actual company name.) This paper should be an assessment of how you would use the components of business process design for a particular company.

The following main areas will be covered in this report:

  • Introduction
  • Strategic decision making and MIS architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Networks: Mobile Business
  • CRM and ERP
  • Systems development and project management
  • Conclusion 

In the introduction section, discuss when and why you would and would not use business process management, the stages a business process management plan goes through, who the plan affects, and how to determine whether the plan was effective.

Your portfolio must be carefully edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, format, and APA adherence. The paper should include the following:

  • A title page
  • Page numbers
  • Main headings for each section (Introduction, Strategic Decision Making and MIS Architecture, Business Intelligence, Mobile Network, Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning, Systems Development and Project Management, and Conclusion)
  • Subheadings, as necessary, for organization and clarity for the reader
  • In-text citations (not footnotes)
  • Reference list (at least four outside references in APA format)

Reference no: EM131349820

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