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Choose an industrial embedded control system and write a report of a minimum of 3000 words covering the following aspects:

1 Describe the basic elements and operation of the chosen embedded control system.

2 Assume that the chosen system contains first and second order elements which are discrete or continuous. Use MATLAB commands to examine the time domain behaviour of these elements. Explain the differences between the theoretical values for step and impulse responses and the simulated results.

3 Use MATLAB commands to examine the frequency domain behaviour of the discrete and continuous elements. Examine the differences between the theoretical values for Bode diagrams and the simulated results.

4 Explain what changes should be made in the chosen system so it will become capable to take control over its energy use by employing digital technologies. Discuss about the adoption of a comprehensive approach that considers cost benefit analysis, flexibility, etc.

5 Examine the robust control methods which could be used for increasing the performance and energy efficiency of the chosen embedded control system.

6 General aspect of assignment (introduction, method, conclusions, grammar)

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Reference no: EM13864115

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