Describe attribute minimization

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Describe attribute minimization. Explain what would happen if you tried to validate a page containing instances of attribute minimization. Propose a solution to this problem.
There are many reasons to validate your Web design. Select one of these reasons and discuss its importance. 
identify a business of your choice (school, bank, law office, travel agency, pet store, retail store, etc.) and explain how the use of XML could prove to be beneficial.
 Describe at least two other techniques for validating your document that does not involve submitting it through an online validator.

Reference no: EM13825445

Reducing the exchange attack surface

What are some advantages of implementing a host-based firewall on your Exchange Server?What is the procedure for disabling unnecessary services on your Exchange Server?What to

Advantages and disadvantages of using software as a service

Discuss the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of using software as a service (SaaS) within organizations. Next, give your opinion as to why SaaS has become a common del

Currently use expert systems

Select two (2) companies that currently use expert systems. Then, discuss the fundamental advantages and disadvantages of using expert systems instead of human expertise withi

Securing owa

In order to effectively implement Outlook Web Access (OWA) and allow employees to have seamless access to email, you must provide external access to users. This, of course, cr

Secure encrypted communications

Transmitting personal and business data and information over secure communication channels is critical. In some cases it is required, especially when personally identifiable i

The shuffled deck should be represented by a two-dimensional

Write a small program that will read in 52 cards from a file, shuffle the cards, print the unshuffled deck to the screen, and print the shuffled deck into new file.The unshuff

Raise money for the event

Every runner is required to solicit sponsors to help raise money for the event. There are two types of sponsors - corporate and personal.Design a second table that will store

File sharing program

Explain what your process was and how the experiment went. Were you successful? What did you learn from the experience ?Experiment choice #1:  File Sharing Program Download a


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