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Group Portion As a group, describe and explain Internet protocol security (IPSec), and then as a group, decide who will be assigned the following topic or question: What are the services that are provided by IPSec? What is the difference between transport and tunnel modes? Describe the different services provided by AH and ESP. What is a replay attack? List 3-5 practical applications of IPSec. Also, decide who will combine all of the slides into one cohesive presentation. The presentation must include the following: Title slide 1-2 slides per topic or question(s) listed above Reference slide with all citation material Using the online library, Internet, and all course materials, research the topic(s) assigned to you. After researching your topic, create your PowerPoint slides to be implemented into a group presentation. Your slides must include the following: Detailed information on all topic(s) fully answering any question(s) Practical application examples of your topic(s) Detailed speaker notes on each slide you create with your name You must use at least 2 unique references on your topic.

Reference no: EM131171565

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