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Describe or give example of a real-world dilemma where these six principles could be applied.

1. Understanding each dimension of the problem?

2. Who would benefit/suffer?

3. Alternative solutions legal/fair?

4. Your "gut feeling" level?

5. Defend your decision in public?

6. Did you consider and reconsider your responses to each question?

Reference no: EM13209156

The economy-wide expected future marginal

4. Suppose that the economy-wide expected future marginal product of capital is MPKf =20 - 0.02K, where K is the future capital stock. The depreciation rate of capital, d, is

East asia economic circumstances

How would you describe East Asia's economic circumstances? Is growth a constant or is the region undergoing change? Which and explain why you say so? What are the implicatio

Write a paper comparing vocational training

Write a paper comparing Vocational Training between Developed and Developing countries. Focusing on the impact of vocational training and the differences in programs and out

Analyze the effect of an increase in government expenditure

These problems from Macroeconomics and the problems deal with the expenditures of the whole economy. Various factors such as money supply, net export, governmental policy an

Discuss the benefits of using the expenditure approach

We know what GDP measures. List and discuss the benefits of using the expenditure approach to measuring GDP. What does it measure well, and what things are not measured by G

Explain why might intangible resources such as human capital

Explain why might intangible resources such as human capital and intellectual assets be a more likely source of sustainable competitive advantage than tangible resources.

Steve plans to take the contract that provides him highest

Steve plans to take the contract that provides him with the highest net present value. At what discount rate would he be indifferent between the two contracts.

How equilibrium quantity of personal computers change

If the price of processor chips used in manufacturing personal computers decrease, what will happen in the market for personal computers How will the equilibrium price and


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