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1. The following feature of ERP makes it valuable as a strategic planning tool. Rapid-batch capability

Real-time aspect
Database structure
Internet base
Employee focus

Question 2. Describe a net-change system. It is usually run at the beginning of each month.

The basic production plan is modified to reflect changes as they occur.
It is used to authorize the execution of planned orders.
It indicates the amount and timing of future changes.
It is a batch-type system, which is periodically updated.

Question 3. Net requirements for Component J are as follows: 60 units in Week 2, 40 units in Week 3, and 60 units in Week 5. If a fixed-period, two-period lot-sizing method is used, then what will be the quantity of the first planned receipt?

60 units
120 units
180 units
Cannot be determined
None of the above

Question 4. When MRP-II systems include feedback, they are known as MRP III.

enterprise resource planning.
circular MRP.
feasible MRP.
closed-loop MRP.

Question 5. Logistics include all of the following, except incoming shipments of goods or materials.

outgoing shipments of goods or materials.
the movement of materials within a production facility.
customer selection.
returned goods processing.

Question 6. Effective supply chain management has all of the following benefits, except

lower inventory costs.
shorter lead times.
greater customer loyalty.
higher productivity.
larger number of suppliers.

Reference no: EM1381474

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