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Consider a data center heavily built on Hyper-V (or VMware) and the ability to clone virtual machines from template VMs or from other existing VMs. For a highly virtualized data center, how does this change the deployment options available from traditional data centers? Is there any benefit or need in using some of the traditional deployment options (e.g., disk imaging using software like Ghost, deploying operating systems using Windows Deployment Services and the Windows Automated Installation Kit or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit)?

Reference no: EM131192168

Describe the output following series of stack operations

Describe the output of the following series of stack operations: push(5),push(3), push(2), push(8), pop(), top(), push(9), push(1), pop(), push(7),push(6), top(), pop(), push(

Compute the path integral

Compute the path integral F · dS where F = (x^2 - y^2) i + xj and C is one circuit of the circle C (x^2) +(y^2)= 4 in the counterclockwise direction.

Fit three linear models to the response dist

Here Cond is a factor that determines the direction of the fans. Since the first model is the most general we compare all models to that one. In Table 8 we present a compari

Faith and technology impacted the third world

Based on the article that you found, how has faith and technology impacted the third world? Please cite the website that you found in the threaded discussion in correct APA fo

What is the relation between quality level and project scope

What is the relation between quality level and project scope? What other activities are performed during project initiation apart from defining project charter, project obje

Api library function named read

In Unix-like operating systems, there is both a API library function named read(), and asystem call referred to as read in the Unix documentation. However, Unix system calls

Calculates a persons bmi the program

Draw a hierarchy chart and then plan the logic for a program that calculates a persons bmi the program uses 3 modules the 1st prompts for user height in inches the second ac

Determine the frictional force between blocks a and b

Blocks A and B weigh 75 lb each, and D weighs 30 lb. Using the coefficients of static friction indicated, determine the frictional force between blocks A and B and between b


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