Demonstrate the skill of creating a dynamic web page

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Continue to build on the skills of providing Web page content and structure with HTML and Web page style and layout using CSS. Demonstrate the skill of creating a dynamic Web page that includes JavaScript client-side programming. Demonstrate the skill of creating a Web page that delivers audio and/or video content. Design and develop a Web site that includes at least two Web pages that meet the following requirements.

Reference no: EM131032703

Identify and compare the camera features

Go online and shop for two digital video cameras: one a high end and another a general hand held model. Identify and compare the camera features. Which one would you choose?

The back-end database

Three (3) page Word document that describes the front-end, the user interface, and the back-end database and how the requirements were met, and a full description of client ne

How do you get a method from recursing infinitely

How do you get a method from recursing infinitely?  In the example below, It asks for a double value, then another.  The first value must be less than the second value.  If no

Four values aligned to the standards of conduct in pmp

What are the four values aligned to the standards of conduct in pmp? Choose ONE of the values and provide your reasons as to why this value is essential in project voice base

Physical therapy

Looking for Microsoft Office 2013: Advanced Capstone Project 2 BJM Physical Therapy. Willing to pay whatever is needed for it completed. Need before Sunday 4/24. Anything help

Validate user information

Create 2 web pages that does the following: 1) Page 1: HTML Page that contains a form that collect information from user and pass it on to the next page. a) You need to vali

Write the document''s topic as the document''s header

Write the document's topic as the document's header. On the document's first page, insert a list of the document's paragraph names. The paragraph names briefly describe the pa

Compare top-down and bottom-up database design approaches

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES:1. to convert the ER/EER model into a relational data model; implement a relational database system (using ORACLE12c);3. to apply Normalization techn


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