Defined benefit plan and defined contribution plan

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Compare and contrast ‘defined benefit plan’ and ‘defined contribution plan’. Why are defined contributions pension plans gaining in popularity in the United States and defined benefit plans losing popularity?

Reference no: EM13840645

Why are symblos imporant to a corporate culture

cultural symbols are usually notcied through sight,sound, touch, and smell. for example, abercrombie retail stores use music, attractive models, and fragrance to communicate

Identify the industry in which netflix competes

Identify the industry in which Netflix competes. Describe this industry in detail. Identify the company's primary competitors. 2. In which life cycle stage is this industry pr

Details of weekly output and input for a fabrication process

The details of weekly output and input for a fabrication process are as follows: output is 400 units, with a standard selling price of $100 per unit. For the week, total labor

What plans for growing the business

What plans for growing the business can you come up with? List as many as you can. How wouldyou divide up the$100,000 and spend it? Go through your list and allot dollar amoun

What is the risk of a stock out

A manager is reordering lubricant when the amount on-hand reaches 422 pounds. Average daily usage is 45 pounds, which is normally distributed and has standard deviation of thr

Identification of stakeholders

Determine activities (such as identification of stakeholders, selection of business analysis techniques, etc.) necessary to complete business analysis. Work with the stakehold

Confidence interval for the average overhaul

You are estimating the cost of engine overhauls. A sample of 99 repairs showed an average overhaul of 285 hours with a standard deviation of 60 hours. Calculate a 95% confiden

How do social search-semantic search and mobile search

How do social search, semantic search, and mobile search differ from searching for information on the Web using conventional search engines? Describe how the Internet works, a


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