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The problem statement, all variables and given/known data A microscope equipped with an oil filled objective lens with a numerical aperture of 1.2 is used to image the patterned features on a semiconductor substrate. Define what is meant by the numerical aperture and explain why the lens is oil filled. Using the Rayleigh Criteria, define the smallest resolvable features when light of wavelength 633 nm is used to illuminate the substrate and the oil filled objective is use The attempt at a solution Numerical Aperture is a numerical value which indicates the range of angles at which a system can accept/emit light I know d = (0.61[Lambda]) / 2nsinu and NA is nsinu. Therefore d = (0.61*633*10^-9)/2.4 Is this correct? and why is the lens oil filled?

Reference no: EM13885020

What is the other product resulting from the decay

Seaborg, discoverer of the transuranium elements. a. 263Sg was produced by the bombardment of 249Cf with a beam of 18O nuclei. Complete and balance an equation for this reac

What material to use to replace the pipe

The estimated cost of the pipes, per unit length is: schedule 40 carbon steel $5, schedule 80 carbon steel $8.30, stainless steel (304) schedule 40 $24.80. Installation and

Calculate the amount of work exchanged between two cycles

A Carnot cycle operating between 600 °C and 25 °C absorbs 1000 kJ of heat from the high-temperature reservoir. The work produced is used to power another Carnot cycle which

Extraction from the leaves of a tropical plant

A drug (D) is produced in a three-stage extraction from the leaves of a tropical plant. About 1000 kg of leaf is required to produce 1 kg of the drug. The extraction solvent

Estimate the heat transfer rate across the slab

estimate the heat transfer rate across the slab and the temperature recorded by a thermocouple embedded 3cm from phaseA (assume conductivity of metal sheet is 55w/mdegree.

Calculate the efficiency at 3/4 load, 0.9 power factor

The efficiency of a 400-kVA, single-phase, 60-Hz transformer is 98.77% when delivering full-load current at 0.8 power factor, and 99.13% with half rated current at unity pow

Calculate the work in the compressor and the heat removed

A stream that contains a mixture of methane (25% by mol) and carbon monoxide is compressed from 1 bar, 35 to 12 bar. The compressor efficiency is 90%. Treating the mixture a

Calculate the magnetic flux in the core

Now suppose a 10-mm air gap is cut across the toroid. Determine the current that must be supplied to the coil to produce the same value of magnetic flux density as in part (


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