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based on prevalence numbers i need to find how many ppl in acollege (2514 ppl) have cystic fibrosis. what do i do to find howmany are carriers of cystic fibrosis with these stats:

caucasionns 1/2000 births

hispanic american 1/8500 births

african american 1/17000 births

asian american 1/90000 births

Reference no: EM13231257

Question about genes and dnasequences

Assume you are studying genes and DNAsequences involved in the regulation of the grandoperon. When your lab's strain of e. coli are in the presence of the sugar "grandiose," t

Determine the number of significant figer

determine the number of significant figer in the following measurment [ 12.3 ml and 2.3 g and 5.877 micrometer] then round the number 56.877 to the following number of signi

Determining volume of sodium citrate to make 7.5% solution

Determine volume of the sodium citrate in order to make up 7.5% solution. A solution needs 250 ml of a 7.5% (w/v) solution of the tri sodium citrate.

Explain extinction of a species

Using abiotic and biotic examples, give real examples of how studying ecology can explain extinction of a species. Use at least two different organisms in your examples of spe

How are the processes of ovulation, uterine preparation

The human is a pretty good system for understanding mammalian reproductive endocrinology, although most mammals do not menstruate. How are the processes of ovulation, uterin

Suppose you were culturing a population of bacteria

Suppose you were culturing a population of bacteria at 15°C and then raised the temperature of the culture to 37°C. What effect do you think this might have on the transitio

Advantages and problems associated with genetically

Identify some advantages and problems associated with genetically modified Bt corn. Should we put a limit on the ability of human beings to modify the genomes of other livin

Region to sustain two smaller populations

Some species require a large and diverse range. Although it may not significantly decrease the overall size of the range, how might fragmenting the range with a freeway or n


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