Define computers with a huge number of neuron circuits

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Brains & Computers

If the brain is a computer and the mind its workings, is this a fitting analogy of the computer and its software? What would happen if we had dedicated computers with a huge number of neuron circuits? Would intelligence develop? Would we be able to understand it.

Reference no: EM1337183

Organise information within each section in logical fashion

Follow the generally accepted format for a business report: Title/Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Introduction, Main Body, Conclusions, Recommendations and Reference L

Write a statement of scope

Write a statement of scope that describes the software. Be sure your statement of scope is bounded. If you're unfamiliar with robots, do a bit of research before you begin w

Explain how information systems can be used

Briefly describe the processes that are necessary for an organization to have a mass-customization capability. How does it relate to "micro marketing"? express the process k

Developing an eer schema for database application

Develop an EER schema for a database application which you are interested in. State all the constraints which should hold on the database.

How to create two arrays of integers

create two arrays of integers, each holding ten elements of data. Create a third array of integers for a result array. Your main program will take the two arrays of integers

How many linear feet of shelf space are required

A standard computer CD holds approximately 700 million characters. Estimate how many linear feet of shelf space are required to store 700 million characters encoded as text

Business strategies for implementation

Business strategies for implementation, rationale and scope, What value will the implementation offer, Both technology- and human-based safeguards used for information systems

What are the limiting factors for grown mesh networks

Given a computer with a disk capacity of 16 GB and a word size of 32 bits, how many wordssize of 32 bits, how many words can be stored on the disk? Show your calculations.


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