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Define a function named add_from_one_again(st) which receives a list containing digits only (at least one digit, and all digits >0, no need to validate)  and returns a number as illustrated by the following examples

When the list is 


the resulting number should be:

(1+2+3+4+5) + (1+2) + (1+2+3)  = 24

When the list is 


the resulting number should be:

(1+2+3) + (1+2) + (1+2+3+4+5) = 24

When the list is


the resulting number should be:

(1+2+3+4) + (1+2) + (1+2) = 16

As an example, the following code fragment:

lst = [5,2,3]


should produce the output:


Language: python

I have this so far, but doesn't work:

def add_from_one_again(st):

collect_sum = 0

for i in st:

i = int(i)

collect_sum += sum(len(i))

return collect_sum

Reference no: EM132183933

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