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Paper should be approximately 10 pages (single space).

You need to pick one subject just from underneath and ought to be referenced in the event that you separate some data from other site on the grounds that there is an uncommon system to look at all over the net for written falsification.

Paper topics Database security COTS Security comparisons

1. Look into the database security highlights offered by COTS (business off the rack) DBMS's. For every component you ought to quickly layout the database security issue the element is tending to. Where conceivable show with a straightforward case. Put forth a defense to your supervisor for obtaining what you consider to be the " most" security rich DBMS accessible available and the one that fits your particular needs.

2. Research and present the web-security issues which engineers of big business web-applications ought to be conscious of. Which (assuming any) database security highlights offered in business sector driving Enterprise DBMS's would encourage the advancement of secure online venture applications. In the event that you were driving a task group on a noteworthy endeavor web-application venture what security rules would you set up for your group?

3. Database Forensics and Auditing. Examine the present condition of Database Forensics and Auditing and the instruments accessible.

Reference no: EM131193583

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