Database models and legacy systems

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Database Models and Legacy Systems

Databases evolved from flat file systems. As technology advanced, the limitations of flat files became evident. The database model has evolved to meet the business needs of the time. As the information age evolved, organizations realized there was a need for a different type of management system, one that could store large amounts of data, retrieve the data quickly, secure the data, and share the data. Hierarchical and network database models evolved first, followed by relational and object-relational database models.

However, not all organizations have moved with the times. Often, older database systems still work well, and the cost and time needed to convert to a newer database model prohibit the change. A legacy system is one that uses old, outdated technology. Many businesses and government agencies continue to use legacy database systems consisting of older hierarchical and network technologies.

To prepare for this Discussion, identify a legacy system in a business or government agency (federal, state, or local). Many online sites can be used to identify existing legacy systems. With these thoughts in mind, respond to the following prompts:

  • Should the agency continue using a legacy system? What are the benefits and drawbacks of continuing to use the legacy database?
  • Discuss the needs of the agency and consider the benefits and limitations of each database model.

With these thoughts in mind, make a recommendation to keep the existing system or to upgrade to a new design based on your answers to the questions above.

Reference no: EM131204514

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