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Peter's Paper Clips uses a three-stage production process: cutting wire to prescribed lengths, inner bending, and outer bending. The cutting process can produce at a rate of 300 pieces per minute; inner bending, 420 per minute; and outer bending, 180 per minute. Determine the hourly capacity of each process stage and the number of machines needed to meet an output rate of 60,000 units per hour. How does facility layout impact your numerical analysis and process efficiency? Explain.

Reference no: EM13760757

Level production strategy relies on constant output rate

A level production strategy relies on a constant output rate and capacity while varying inventory and backlog levels to handle the fluctuating demand pattern. Describe why or

What is the reorder point

The annual demand for a product is 5,000 units. The company orders 200 units each time an order is placed. The lead-time is 6 days, and the company has determined that 25 unit

Incentive problems arise in the course of firm operations

Incentive problems arise in the course of the firm’s operations. Firm managers have many opportunities to take actions that benefit themselves at the expense of outside invest

Reducing virtual team failure

Reducing Virtual Team Failure Discuss the actions a virtual team leader can take to reduce the possibility of team failure. Support your choices of actions with an appropriate

What is the audience general attitude toward the subject

For each communication task listed, write brief answers to the following questions: Who is the audience? What is the audience’s general attitude toward the subject? What does

Contrast processes of personal selling-marketing strategy

Explain the difference between a typical U.S. manager's point of view of ethical behavior and that of a manager in a developing economy and the implications of the difference.

Biopsychology-describe what is meant by plasticity

One of the most exciting findings in biopsychology is that the developing brain has the capacity for a great deal of plasticity. It is known that the brains of preadolescent i

How to look for alternative solutions or explanations

When reviewing data gathered through primary or secondary research, one should analyze. 1. How large of a sample should be collected in order to make the information relevant


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