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Q1) In creating a web page, depending on the information you are trying to convey, the use of tables can add a great deal of organization on help clear any possible confusion on what you are trying to communicate. With HTML in particular in can also help you separate your information with table tags, your programming becomes a little easier to read during your review process. What are CSS?

Reference no: EM1346069

Program to compute pearson correlation coefficient

Write down a program to compute Pearson correlation coefficient by using parallel loop templates from Intel Threading Building Blocks library (TBB).

Program for saving account balance report

Savings account balance report from customer savings account file. Every input savings account record contains account number, balance forward, deposits (sum of all deposi

Explaining class definition of subclass of square

Write down the class definition of subclass of Square called FancySquare which has a method called getDiagonal. The getDiagonal method gets no arguments.

Program to print total balances forward and total withdrawal

At the end of report, print total balances forward, total deposits, total interest earned, total withdrawals and total final account balances.

C program to accept three numbers inputs by user

Write down C program to accept three numbers input by a user, and outputs a table of temperatures in Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin.

Program to compute person earns in a month

Write a program that calculates how much a person earns in a month if the salary is one penny the first day, two pennies the second day, four pennies the third day.

Explaining object hierarchy in object-oriented programming

Study the concept of inheritance and the object hierarchy in object-oriented programming, and write a paper comparing these concepts with the concept of inheritence.

Php code to add-delete product using ajax programming

PHP Code to add a new product and delete a existing product Implement AJAX Programming based solutions to write code to add a new product to the database.


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