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It's time to start working on the interface design for TIMS! At this stage, you need to consider this step from the user perspective. How will they be accessing the switchboard and what sort of information will they be looking for? The interface design will be presented as storyboards to show the different proposed screens. As you work through this design, be sure to consider how the data will be validated and what you would suggest for the different categories.

The next step will be to start on the data design for the TIMS project. This will involve creating an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) after reviewing all the associated entities and considering any interactions between entities. This will also include using cardinality notation to indicate the nature of the relationships.

The specific steps are as follows:

1. Create a switchboard design with control buttons that lead to students, instructors, courses, course schedules, and course rosters. Allow a user to add, update, or delete records in each area. Jesse wants to see storyboards that show the proposed screens. The software you decide to use is your choice. Some popular choices are Gliffy and Pencil.

2. Generate a list of data validation checks and include an explanation of each.

3. List all the entities that interact with the TIMS system. Start by reviewing the data library, previous e-mail messages, DFDs, and other

4. Draw an ERD that shows cardinality relationships among the entities.

Reference no: EM13853053

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