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Your manager has tasked you with creating a Remote Employee Connection guide for IT. This guide will assist IT in setting up remote (work-from-home) employees to access the company's Intranet. These employees will use a VPN connection from their PC in home to a remote VPN server located in the employee's work campus. 

Create a 2- to 3-page guide using Visio® including the following: 

  • WAN access options from the home to an ISP
  • WAN access options from the work campus to another ISP (assuming a different ISP is used)
  • An end-to-end (from PC to VPN server) network diagram showing routers, switches, hosts and connections. Show on the diagram your choice of one of options considered; i.e., WAN access from home, or WAN access from work.
  • Major TCP/IP protocols with which the home PC is involved, from the moment it boots up until its first IPv4 packet reaches the VPN server.
  • Illustration of how the first IPv4 is forwarded through the network, showing:
    • Source and destination IPv4 addresses
    • Source and destination MAC addresses for the initial 2 hops in the header of the packet
    • Entries in the routers' forwarding tables
  • Major routing protocols involved in building the forwarding tables
  • Repeat the last two items in the case of IPv6

Note: It is recommended that Visio® be used to create network diagrams for the presentation.

Reference no: EM131339452

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