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Do Database Project Assignment.

In this assignment, you're going to do the field definitions, create your relationships, and populate your tables with data. It is extremely important that your tables be set up correctly, because all future assignments will depend on your having the correct number of records. So please pay close attention to what you end up with in your tables.

I have provided all of the data in the form of an Excel file, for you to transfer into your database, so you won't have any data-entry to do. Please make sure the data are being transferred in correctly. If an Excel worksheet has 25 records and you're transferring those data into your Access table, your Access table should end up with 25 records. (I know this is a "Duh" thing to say, but I have to mention it nonetheless. Stay awake while doing this! In previous semesters there were cases where the tables looked OK initially, but when we got to queries and reports, suddenly the wrong number of records were showing up. And this went back to the contents of the source data in the tables.)

Here's the assignment:

Based on the plan you developed in Assignment #1 for Week 4, create all of the tables for the database. Be sure to use the Leszynski Naming Convention for all table names.

Define all fields. Just set the properties specified below. Again, be sure to use the Leszynski Naming Convention for all field names.

Set captions for all fields.

Create all necessary and appropriate relationships.

Populate the tables with the data that are provided in the Excel workbook named Final Project Data.xls.

The name of your database will be Final DB Week x.

Attachment:- Database Project.rar

Reference no: EM13974168

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