Create two different assessments or evaluation instruments

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Select or create two different assessments or evaluation instruments that could be used to assess learning in the workplace and analyze each to determine whether it is formative or summative, whether it is valid, and whether it is reliable.

In a well-constructed, scholarly essay of 3-4 pages, present your findings. Support your ideas with research from 2-3 credible sources documented according to the APA standards.

Tips for Success:

If you plan on creating your own instrument(s) you may want to search for open source (i.e., no cost) tools that can assist you in creating digital assessments or evaluations.

If you plan on selecting assessments or evaluations that have been created by other individuals, you may wish to search the Library or conduct a search through an Internet search engine.

If you have already selected an existing business or organization for your Portfolio Project, it may be advantageous to research whether there are any existing assessments or evaluation tools that you can analyze.

Reference no: EM131134003

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