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1) Given double[ ] abc = new double[N], where N is an integer number. Identify:

a) array type

b) array name

c) the index of the first element

d) the name of the first element

e) the index of the last element

f) the name of the last element

g) the index of the 5th element

h) the number of elements in the array


1. Create three arrays of int with the same size (you choose the size). Input two of them from keyboard and addthe two arrays (element by element) and store the array of sums to the third array and output it to the console.
For example: {1, 2, 3} + {4, 5, 6} will result in the array of {5, 7, 9}

2. Generate an array of 10,000 random numbers (GPAs) from zero to four. Report the percentage of each of the numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, and 4) in the array.

3. A company has 10 stores. Input the annual sales for each store. Find the store with the maximum sales, the one with the minimum sales, and find the average annual sales for the 10 stores. Print the maximum, minimum sales and their store index, and average sales.


• Your answers to the "Short answer" questions. Your answers must follow the questions.

• Source code for the Programming questions

• Screenshots of program running page.

Reference no: EM131010290

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