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The Chocolate Delights Candy Company needs to add the following functionality to its cash register: When a customer is checking out, the cash register needs to store the required data pertaining to each item the customer is buying. This data includes the item name, the price per pound, and the number of pounds of that item being purchased. This should be stored in three (3) arrays (one (1) for the item name, one (1) for the price per pound, and one (1) for the number of pounds being purchased) with corresponding index values. For example, index value 3, when applied to the "itemName" array, would give as the name of the third item that the customer is buying. That same index value of 3, when applied to the " pricePerPound" array, would give us the price per pound of that same third item that the customer is buying. When that last item in the purchase has been saved to the array, an itemized receipt is printed which shows the relevant data (name, price, and amount purchased) of each item, the subtotal price for each item (which is calculated as price per pound times the number of pounds), and the grand total purchase amount of all items. Use Visual Logic to create the data flow diagrams needed in order to develop the design documents for an interactive event-driven program to solve the above scenario that includes at least: 1.Three (3) arrays 2.One (1) loop 3.One (1) and / or conditional statement that covers decision making to include true and false parts of an if statement. Include the code along with the Visual Logic output.

Reference no: EM13219968

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