Create program that print three lines of text about yourself

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Assignment: This assignment consists of four short programs. Use Code: Blocks to complete your work. You will submit the four C source code files for this assignment. Please zip the files and include your name in the name of the compressed file.

Part 1: Commenting Code

Including comments in source code that explains what the code does and how it does it are an important professional best practice. Code that is well-commented and well-formatted facilitates communication between programmers and others needing to work with the code. Commenting your code needs to be a habit from the beginning. Adding comments to code will also help reinforce important C programming concepts in your own mind.

Type in the code provided in the assignment Resources, build/compile the program, and run it. Typing the code in yourself rather than copying and pasting will help you get to know the C language. When you have the code running, go through the code and add comments to explain what the code does and how it does it. Be sure to add a header like the following to all code files (with your name and the date).

/* Ann Smith - IT2240 - U01a1 - Part 1

* 10/01/2015 Rev. 1


You should add at least five comments to the code provided. Be sure to recompile and test the code after you have added your comments to make sure you have not introduced any syntax errors.

Part 2: About You

Create a program that prints three lines of text about yourself. Be sure to include appropriate spacing and new line characters to make the output in the terminal window readable. As with all programming code, but sure to format the program correctly and include comments and a header for the file, such as shown above.

Part 3: Integer and Floating Point Arithmetic

Write a single program that prints the results of two arithmetic expressions using integers and the results of two floating-point calculations (for a total of 4 calculations). Print out both the arithmetic expressions and the answers calculated by the code. For this program, it is fine to use "hard-coded" values (the numbers used in the calculations are provided in the code) rather than user input. Be sure to format the code correctly and include relevant comments in the source code (including the comment at the top of the file with your name and identification of the program).

Part 4: User Input

Write a program that prompts the user to enter a character, an integer, and floating point number. After reading the input, the program should print out the values entered. Be sure to format the code correctly and include relevant comments.

When you are ready to turn in your assignment, please zip your .c source code files together for submission.

Reference no: EM132280111

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