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The class is MAN4102 - Managing Diversity & the book is Diversity Consciousness, Richard D. Bucher, Prentice Hall, 4th edition, 01/02/2015,

ISBN-10: 0321919068,

ISBN-13: 9780321919069

Chapter 5 - Exercise 2: Creating an Action Plan

Imagine that you are the director of student affairs at a small liberal arts college in the Midwest. During a staff meeting, the president of the college shares a number of complaints. The complaints allege that many LGBT students encounter prejudice and discrimination both on campus and among townspeople. The students feel that these problems are college-wide and need to be addressed by the president and her staff as well as by community leaders.

The president asks you to create an action plan. She feels that the college needs to open the lines of communication and encourage inclusive, honest dialogue on this issue. Develop a two-page typewritten summary of what you propose. Include the rationale behind your action plan.

Chapter 6- Exercise 1: Network Analysis

Examine one of your social networks (face to face or online).

1. Create a chart that illustrates the diversity of your network. Include at least ten dimensions of diversity, such as social class, race, age, personality type, job function, and so on.

2. In what ways is you network diverse? In what ways does it lack diversity? Explain.

3. Are the ties in this network of yours primarily strong or weak? Explain.

4. What interpersonal resources, or social capital, do you derive from this network?

5. How might you enhance the diversity of your network?

Chapter 7 - Exercise 2: Team Journal

Select a team to which you currently belong. Keep a journal of this team for a week or more during the semester. Record your thoughts about:

. Conflict and how you as well as other team members manage it

. Team leadership, creativity, and productivity

. Communication among team members

. The team's ability to utilize its diversity

Note: As you and your classmates discuss conflict, communication, diversity consciousness, and other concepts related to teamwork, you may want to share pertinent entries from your team journal.

Chapter 8 - Exercise 2

Write your own assessment tool of at least ten questions to help individuals determine their leadership style preference. Include a key to interpret results (example: if you answered "a" to questions 1, 3, 6, and 7, you prefer a certain leadership style). Distribute the assessment to at least ten people. Analyze the results.

Chapter 9 - Exercise 2: Classroom for All

Situation: You have been appointed to serve on a statewide task force on higher education. Your work on the task force requires you to create an orientation course at the college level for incoming first-year students. The purpose of this course is to ac- quaint students with the skills they need to be successful. Your responsibility focuses on the part of the course that deals with diversity skills.
Directive: Submit an outline of the diversity skills to be taught. Briefly describe:
. Each skill.
. The connection between the skill and student success.
. Ten specific resources that students will use. These may include videos, books, journal articles, and Web sites. List the skill or skills each resource addresses.

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The solution consists of 5 exercises:Chapter 5 - Exercise 2: Creating an Action Plan has action plan on discrimination and the logic behind the action plan.Chapter 6- Exercise 1: Network Analysis includes chart, Is network strong or weak, how to enhance diversity.Chapter 7 - Exercise 2: Team Journal includes the management of the team in case of diversity issues.Chapter 8 - Exercise 2 has leadership skills assessment tool.Chapter 9 - Exercise 2: Classroom for All includes diversity skills used by college and resources. Harvard style of references.

Reference no: EM13860176

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