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Structured Interview Form Assignment Instructions

Using the template provided in DocSharing (using this form is required), create a list of ten (10) structured interview questions and submit it to your Dropbox by the end of Week 5 using the following guidelines:

Your original questions (e.g. written by you) should only contain legally allowable, job related inquiries. Act as if the organization you are working for is obligated under Title VII and the other major, federal employment laws when writing these questions.

A brief rationale for each question must be included (e.g. why this question is important; what type of information you are hoping to elicit from the candidate with the question).

Students are encouraged to include behavioral interview questions.

You should not provide a sample answer for each question: only the question and rationale are needed.

Include the position title and compose a brief (3 to 5 sentences) description of the job for which the questions relate.

Please note that questions typically found on an application form (e.g. "Are you at least 18 years or older," "Are you legally authorized to work in this country,") are NOT interview questions and should not be used.

Create questions that you think would especially support identifying the KSAs of the candidates for this position. Think about what the KSAs would be for the job you selected, as well as some of the duties that come to mind.

Example: For a computer repair technician questions might include "Describe for me the process you use to troubleshoot XYZ..." (hard skill question. "Tell me how you've handled a customer that was hovering over you while working on their computer" (soft skill question).

Consider both "hard skills" questions (that focus on the more "technical" aspects of the job) and "soft skills" questions. It is usually good to have a combination of both for a well-rounded, comprehensive interview. And remember to keep all questions focused on the KSAs of the position.

DO NOT submit any "generic" questions (e.g. "What are your work strengths?" "Where do you see your career in five years?" "What can you bring to our company?" "Why did you choose XYZ as a career?").

Avoid closed-ended questions (e.g. questions that can be answered with a yes/no answer such as "Are you a team player?")

All questions, rationale data, and position description MUST be written by you. This assignment is not about finding information online or at another source (even if properly cited). Also, to avoid possible academic integrity issues, your questions for this assignment should be created from scratch solely by you. Use of interviewing questions previously utilized (such as at your work) should be avoided as the

exact origin of the questions may be unknown.

Reference no: EM131319342

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