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Create an implementation proposal for a HRIS that will manage employee information and Payroll. You will be acting as the HR Director who will be presenting to the executive team of the company. Using the same company that you referenced in the Module 03 writing assignment, create (1) a proposal and (2) PowerPoint that you would pose to the company.

The paper and the PowerPoint presentation need to be 5-8-pages/slides each (not counting the cover page and reference page) and include the following headings, which are denoted in all caps. Â Utilize and cite at least 5 sources on your reference page.

• INTRODUCTION: Explains the contents that will be reviewed in the paper.

• BUSINESS ASSESSMENT: Describes the business (size, structure, etc.) If there are unknowns, make assumptions based on typical companies from similar fields and of similar size.

• HRIS NEEDS ANALYSIS: Review the shortfalls and challenges of the current Payroll and employee data tracking systems. Refer to the course reading for additional information on conducting a needs analysis. Answer the following: How might an HRIS application assist the business? What elements should the HRIS contain in order to help the company be more efficient and productive?

• PAYROLL/EMPLOYEE DATA HRIS VENDOR CHOICE: Conduct research to find an HRIS vendor. You want to do a compare and contrast in this section of at least two vendors. Then, choose a vendor. Explain why you chose this vendor over another/others. Include the Web address and proper citations for the vendor applications compared. You must have theory to support your decision. Include the benefits of implementing the suggested system and risks and security precautions that need to be addressed.

• CONCLUSION: End the paper with a review of the major points and a concise summary of your recommendation for the company.

Reference no: EM13967972

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