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Create an ERD that shows the entities, attributes, relationships, cardinality and optionality that describe the booking of a room by a guest. This ERD is to be labelled ERD 1.

In order to create a point of differentiation from other local bed and breakfast houses, Fermoy House will allow guests to have up to 2 of their dogs stay in the attached kennels. The dog names are normally recorded so that Fermoy House can provide guests with a personalised dog collar for each dog.

Reference no: EM131186885

Practices for security policies and procedures

You are the new DBA for the XYZ company, you have been asked to research best practices for security policies and procedures. Specifically, what information can you provide

Comprehensive entity-relationship diagram

Submit a systems analysis for your project, including a comprehensive entity-relationship diagram (ERD). Although you may use any tool to complete the ERD, it is strongly re

Consider the most effective perimeter and network defense

What would you consider the most effective perimeter and network defense methods available to safeguard network assets? Your answer should include at least one practical exa

Data mining: find a case study on data mining

Data Mining: Find a case study on data mining.Identify the following information:Describe IN DETAIL the data mining technique used.Describe IN DETAIL the outcomes the data min

Input validation parameters

In the following scenario, what should the input validation parameters be? A class registration web form requires that students enter their current year. The entry options a

Write a class encapsulating the concept of a rational number

Write a class encapsulating the concept of a rational number, assuming a rational number has the following attributes: an integer representing the numerator of the rational

What time complexity does it have

Use in-order traversal to create a sort routine. What time complexity does it have? Under what conditions might it behave poorly? How does its performance compare to our qui

New report of shipped orders

The Marketing Department has requested a new report of shipped orders for which the order was placed on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Write a query which displays the order


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