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1.) Create a table names STUDENTS with the following fields (all fields are required unless specified. Do not change the field names, data types or data sizes - follow directions as specified below):

StudentId - autonumber - unique id/primary key

StudentFirstName - text(20)

StudentMiddleName - text(20-not required)

StudentLastName - text(30)

BirthDate - date

Major - text(50)

Minor - text(50-not required)

CertificateProgram - text(50-not required)

ClassLevel - Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate

GPA - decimal number with 3 decimal points between 0 & 4.000 (for example 3. 456)

SemesterHoursCompleted - number between 0 & 180

AdmissionDate - date

GraduationDate - date (not required)

2.) Create at least 5 records in the STUDENTS table created above. All values must be meaningful and within the data type and range as specified in the table.

Do not put this in a Microsoft Access spread sheet.

Reference no: EM131446231

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